Pollution and sound pollution

Pollution and sound pollution

Pollution and sound pollution


The damage of the purity of anything is called pollution. And the pollution of air, water, and land around us is called environmental pollution. Environmental pollution affects our health and causes loss to us in different ways. Air pollution is caused by smoke from vehicles, chimneys of mills and factories, cooking ovens, etc. Bad smell of rotten garbage dumped in the streets, bad smell of dead animals, filthy surface drains pollute the air. If we inhale impure air, it will cause great harm to our lungs.

Pollution and sound pollution

Planting the trees prevents air pollution. Water is polluted when dirty, poisonous refuse matter from mills and factories is discharged into rivers. If we drink this water, it will damage our health. Shrill sounds of the horns of lorries, buses, and microphones cause sound pollution. Sound pollution affects our power of hearing. Therefore, we shall have to be very careful about pollution if we want to live a healthy life.

Sound Pollution

Sound pollution is a great hazard nowadays. When the pitch of a sound crosses a certain limit and becomes intolerable the sound is said to cause pollution. Indiscriminate use of microphones, shrill electric horns of motor vehicles, sounds emitted by plying vehicles, and airplanes, and deafening music systems – all create this noise pollution.

Fireworks and slogan shouting also add to this problem. In fact, we are living in an age when the entire environment is surcharged with sound pollution. This causes great harm to us. It often leads to deafness, mental imbalance, and even heart – failure. To prevent this pollution the government has made laws restricting noise level up to a certain level. People, therefore, must be made aware of the dangers of sound pollution. Any violation of the restrictions should be severely dealt with.


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